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The long-awaited coffee-table tribute book for the Stones is hot off the presses!

« Love You Live, Rolling Stones: Fanfare From the Common Fan » is a collection of stories and photos by fans on the road with the Rolling Stones for four decades. The book is presented from their fans’ perspective and features hundreds of never-before-published photos of the Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band in the World.

« Love You Live, Rolling Stones: Fanfare From the Common Fan » contains stories from fans around the world who wrote about Rolling Stones memories at some of the most important events in the history of Rock ‘n Roll, including: the crowd record-breaking concert in Hyde Park, the infamous Altamont Concert; the BBC special « Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus »; and the precedent-setting club concert, El Mocambo.

« Love You Live, Rolling Stones: Fanfare from the Common Fan » takes it’s name from a popular live Rolling Stones double album released in 1977 and was mostly recorded during their Tour of the Americas in 1975. At the beginning of each concert on this tour an excerpt from Aaron Copland’s « Fanfare for the Common Man » was played as an overture.

Editor Marilou Regan and Hans Oosterbaan have been collecting photos and stories for the book for nearly three years. There are over 600 photos in the book.

Most of the photos in « Love You Live, Rolling Stones; Fanfare from the Common Fan » have never before been published. Fans have shared their personal photo collections for the book. Some well-known professional Stones photographers, including Kevin Mazur, Dave Hogan, Bob Gruen, Phyllis Lattner, Bob Mussell, Fernando Aceves, and Thom Hoffman, have also contributed never-before-published photos to « Love You Live ». And Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood has contributed a collectible artwork.

There are approximately 80 stories in « Love You Live » submitted by fans from 20 different countries. Each story contains a historic perspective of the era and the mood of the country it represents. The stories are anecdotal and personal and filled with adventures from the 40 years the Rolling Stones have been touring.

« Love You Live, Rolling Stones; Fanfare from the Common Fan » is full color, has 256 pages and measures 9 x 12. It is the only tribute book dedicated to the Stones by their fans.


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